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Elevate your practice’s revenue and profitability with tailored medical billing services from HMS that prioritize accuracy, security, and speed in the billing process.

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Services for Medical Billing
Conducted by Professionals

We recognize the significance of optimizing the revenue cycle management process for your practice. Our all-inclusive professional services for medical billing enable you to concentrate on your patients’ well-being while we handle your administrative tasks.

As a leading provider of medical billing services, we carefully evaluate every aspect to enhance the reimbursement of your medical practice. Our billing process ensures that incorrect codes are not replicated, and claims are not denied multiple times. We increase the revenue of practices by submitting precise claims and minimizing denials.

Spark Billing Network, as a cost-efficient billing company, has the proficiency to carry out institutional and professional billing services. Our Quality first approach has enabled us to achieve a 90% claim-pass ratio, making us the ideal choice for your medical billing needs.

Authorization Obtained Beforehand

Our RCM billing services ensure that you obtain authorization from the insurance beforehand to perform a procedure and receive reimbursement accordingly.

Posting of Payments

To streamline practice cash flow, our experts proactively post insurance payments and patient payments in medical billing software. We provide outstanding Posting of Payment’s services.

Submission of Claims

With Spark Billing Network’s clean claim submission process, you can achieve a 99% claim success ratio. Our experts in coding and billing work diligently to ensure that your claims are accurately paid.

Audit of Medical Billing

With SBN’s medical billing audit, you can monitor and enhance claim processing and payment posting to maximize your practice’s revenue. We assure everything is done in a detailed manner.

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

To ensure complete reimbursements, our team of medical billing experts verifies patient eligibility and benefits to confirm insurance coverage. We provide services to your complete satisfaction.

Follow-up on Accounts Receivable
& Denial Management

To improve the collections rate, we perform continuous follow-ups for effective denial management and keep track of your A/R.

Services for Medical Billing
Tailored to Small Practices

At Spark Billing Network, we recognize the difficulties of managing a small medical practice, and our proficiency enables us to design a tailored approach for each client. Our specialization lies in providing medical billing services exclusively for small practices.

In addition to our primary services, we offer several additional services that cater to the unique needs of practices. We handle patient statements and perform A/R follow-ups on behalf of your practice. Our team also generates customized reports, such as an account overview, to eliminate any uncertainties in finding answers.

We offer comprehensive medical billing services that simplify claim processing and collections. By entrusting your medical billing requirements to SBN, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

What Makes SBN Medical Billing
Services Stand Out

With over a decade of experience in providing medical billing services in New York, Spark Billing Network (SBN), USA LLC aims to enhance and streamline your practice’s revenue. Our three-tier approach focuses on boosting your income, reducing administrative costs, and improving practice management.

In addition to processing claims and maintaining accurate records, our team also provides support to your staff members who lack proficiency in medical billing and coding. We strive to offer quality medical billing services at reasonable prices, prioritizing a client-first approach.

Our full-service approach ensures that you are always informed and never left in the dark. Our experts take care of your practice’s revenue cycle management, maintain complete transparency, and provide insight into the most promising opportunities to expedite the process.

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Complimentary Medical Billing Consultation Services

Obtain a cost-free medical billing consultation for your practice that can pinpoint any obstacles and revenue loss.

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