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We provide medical coding services that encompass coding for all claims, eliminating inaccuracies, and enhancing reimbursements.

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Medical Coding and Auditing

Our AAPC and AHIMA certified coding specialists conduct medical coding audits to reduce inaccuracies and denials, and improve the quality of medical coding and auditing. Our coding experts perform independent coding reviews to minimize the level of rebuttals practices receive from payers.

Our granular chart review enables healthcare providers to optimize the medical coding process and educates them on the services that can be billed to insurance. Our medical coding services help to eliminate revenue leaks, thereby instantly boosting monthly reimbursement for most practices.

Our priority is quality and accuracy to ensure that our clients receive the entitled reimbursement. We also provide educational services to healthcare providers on the different services that can be billed to insurance companies. Our objective is to optimize the medical coding process and improve the financial performance of practices.

Our Medical Coding Services

With our tailored medical coding services, we ensure that healthcare providers receive timely reimbursements, submit claims without errors, and have a smooth workflow that allows them to concentrate on providing exceptional patient care.

Evaluation and Management E/M

Our comprehensive E/M coding services cater to all medical specialties, with a focus on assigning accurate and error-free codes to ensure precise medical decision-making (MDM) for your practice.

Provider Education Webinars

SBN provides healthcare providers with meetings and educational webinars to help them identify areas where they may be losing revenue. We also provide the latest coding updates and ensure compliance with industry standards to optimize revenue and reduce the risk of compliance issues.

Customized Template

We provide healthcare providers with tailored templates to efficiently and promptly create progress notes for services rendered to patients.

External Coding Audits

Our medical coding auditor reviews coding charts to identify discrepancies in ICD-10 and CPT coding, and recommends modifications to healthcare providers.

Telehealth Coding

Our medical coding and auditing services encompass all areas of telehealth and telemedicine coding, allowing us to code and bill for every telehealth service you offer.

Independent Coding Reviews

We strive to maintain compliance and maximize reimbursements for the services provided by your practice, effectively addressing any rebuttals received from insurance companies.

Medical Coding Company

As a medical coding company, we recognize the significance of reporting accurate diagnosis and procedural codes for successful claim submission. Our coding experts follow federal and state regulations to ensure that your practice gets high reimbursement rates and a low denial ratio.

We provide valuable insights into medical coding through our certified professional coders, coding audits, and educational webinars. Our services cover E/M and telehealth coding services under AMA and CMS guidelines. At SBN, we aim to proactively assist healthcare providers in identifying inaccuracies and staying up-to-date with regulations to optimize their medical coding process.

Our clients have benefited from our services by achieving clean claim submission, high reimbursement rates, and low denial ratios. They have also been able to prevent coding errors and remain compliant with federal and state regulations governing medical coding.

Why Spark Billing Network's
Coding Services

Spark Billing Network provides comprehensive medical coding services that help healthcare providers optimize their revenue. We carefully evaluate progress notes and assign appropriate levels of medical decision making (MDM) to prevent up-coding or down-coding. Our experienced coders also ensure accurate coding with appropriate modifiers, following all Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits, for all points of service (PoS).

By choosing HMS for your coding needs, you can improve your turnaround time and reimbursement while reducing denials. Our team of certified coders is proficient in all areas of medical coding and can assist your practice in achieving greater efficiency and accuracy while complying with all regulatory authorities and the latest coding guidelines.

In addition, our standard audits and feedback can help you avoid insurance denials and clearinghouse rejections, improving your billing cycle and collections. With a deep understanding of ICD and CPT codes, we handle all the details so that you can focus on delivering high-quality healthcare services to your patients.

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Services for Healthcare Coding and Consulting

Our healthcare coding and consulting services not only increase your revenue but also alleviate your workload, allowing you to concentrate on providing quality patient care.

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